Tabakian®, Inc. 


Tabakian®, Inc. offers a range of academic consulting and career pathway programs that help traditional and nontraditional students achieve success. The majority of students share a problem with society in general, as they are unaware of how to succeed. This pertains to personal as well as professional success. Students discover how gaining industry experience in their declared field of major is the key to achieving success. 

Dr. Tabakian is the author of “The Academic Entrepreneur: An Examination Of Factors That Influence Academic Entrepreneurialism Among Community College Faculty.” This groundbreaking study is a testament to the positive impact of academic entrepreneurial faculty. Encouraging academic entrepreneurialism among community college faculty requires institutional policies that focus on the fundamental issues of: recruiting, retaining, and evaluating community college faculty. This study offers suggestions for how to influence institutional policies that in turn encourage faculty academic entrepreneurialism by addressing the following areas: faculty job descriptions, faculty job announcements, evaluating faculty levels of academic entrepreneurialism, and offering entrepreneurial financial incentives.

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