Seminars & Workshops 


Program offerings include seminars and workshops to help traditional and nontraditional students navigate towards their career pathway in the academic and/or vocational trades. The majority of students share a problem with society in general, as they are unaware of how to succeed. This pertains to personal as well as professional success. We may factor the ability to maintain healthy lifestyles, economic health, career advancement, personal relationships, etc. Students who do not embrace time proven methods for success doom themselves to failure. Institutions of learning far too often have to dismiss students for falling below standards of acceptability. Failure affects all parties of interest, including the student, institution, and society as a whole.
Two instructional formats exist for “Achieving Success In Higher Education.” These consist of informational seminars and hands on workshops that require student participation. The buyer can be high schools, community colleges, universities, and any other third party entity. Custom presentations are also possible any group of people, including large families.

Informational Seminars

The informational seminars range between four to five hours with a forty-five minute intermission. Informational seminars cover the following ten topics:


  1. Defining traditional and nontraditional students.

  2. Benefits of early college enrollment.

  3. Identifying a career pathway.

  4. Pursuing an academic and vocational trade program at the same time.

  5. Picking academic entrepreneurial faculty.

  6. Value of academic and private industry mentors.

  7. Differences between public and private institutions of higher learning.

  8. The California Master Plan.

  9. Tuition and debt concerns.

  10. Strategies for college admission.