WestCal Academy®

WestCal Academy® is a 501(c)(3), tax deductible organization, that helps college students develop a lucrative career through its Career Pathway Program. WestCal Academy® helps students identify their career pathway in partnership with industry mentors and academic institutions. Students are able to pursue higher education with greater persistence when they declare a field of major and have a mentor who works in that field. WestCal Academy® connects students with public and private industry leaders who work in their field of major. The WestCal Academy® Executive Board and Academic Advisory Board are leaders in the field of education, government, and private industry. Visit: WestCalAcademy.Com


SilentVoter.Com® PAC is against political elites who benefit from keeping students under a daunting $1.5 trillion dollar debt bubble. This issue affects those of all socio-economic means, whether rich or poor. In fact, youth from middle and upper middle class households are facing greater challenges as they are graduating from higher education programs with zero work experience under their belt. The key benefit of connecting academic plans to a career pathway is a fast path for achieving success. We teach the basics to graduating without assuming a debt that can never be repaid.® partners with academic and industry leaders to teach students the basic building blocks of success. The first line of defense is empowering students to take control of their own destiny.